Biometric Attendance

For time capturing we highly recommend Biometric Technology which provide the highest level of security to avoid buddy punching or scamming of the system. With many options to capture employees time, we are proud to say we went with the best possible options that are cost effective, great quality, fast, and accurate. 

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Face Recognition App

Compatible with all android devices. 


HRMSAttendance app runs on the best and finest technology to deliver Biometric time and attendance. Some of the technology to expect:

  • Face Detection

  • Face Recognition

  • Face Landmarks

  • Spoof Detection 

  • Multi-user punch capture

Spoofing detection is a security feature where the face recognition scans for the possibility of fake faces such as photographs. The multi-user punch allow for multiple users to punch in at once. This android application is also compatible with all android devices and can be downloaded from google playstore. No need to outsource biometric devices. Email us at for a demo of this app.

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SMART-Attend ZX Device

The SMART-Attend ZX is a fingerprint, RFID, and Pincode attendance and access control device. It has a 2.8' inch TFT with a clear workflow menu system.

  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3000-5000

  • Card Capacity: 3000-5000

  • Transaction Storage: 200,000

  • Power Supply: 9v 1A

  • Identification Speed: 1 second

  • Identification Mode: Fingerprint, Card, Password

  • Dimension: 180*130*38mm (H x W x L)

  • WIFI: Supported

  • LAN: Supported

  • USB: Supported

  • Communication: TCP/IP, HTTP

  • Volumetric Weight: 2kg

SMART-Attend TK Device

Our SMART-Attend TK is one of our latest modules. It has a tough appearance with full view display, toughened glass. It is shake-proof, drop-proof, water-proof, dust-proof and sunlight readable.

This 4G data terminal supports blue tooth, wifi, SIM Card, up to 128GB SD card, and 10000mAh safe battery. 13 M camera and built in face recognition application. 


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