Do More Than Capture Time!

Reduce the cost of payroll by accurately monitoring staff time and attendance. Employee, Leave, Timesheet and Schedule ALL IN ONE with realtime punch logs from our

SMART-Attend Biometric Devices and App!

Software Available in English, Spanish & French.


A system designed to make Time and Attendance Data Management easy and accurate. 

With HRMSAttend everything is transparent, accurate and fully-audited by your team. Install our Face Recognition app to eliminate the possibility of buddy punching.

Employee Manager

Manage all users in one location. Set user permissions for your data managers and more. 


Automate time capture with our Face Recognition App. It takes a few seconds to capture punch logs by just standing in front of our Smart-Attend Devices or your own android device. 

Leave Manager

Give your employees access to request leave as well as track vacation and uncertified sick days. 

Schedule Manager

The most easiest way to create weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules. Give employees access to viewing their work schedule from any device along with shift notes/ instructions. 

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SMART-Attend TK Devices

We took the time to outsource the perfect devices with high RAM capicity, long battery life and a lifespan of 5-10 years with 2 years warranty. 

Our SMART-Attend TK is one of our latest modules. It has a tough appearance with full view display, toughened glass. It is shake-proof, drop-proof, water-proof, dust-proof and sunlight readable.

This 4G data terminal supports blue tooth, wifi, SIM Card, up to 128GB SD card, and 10000mAh safe battery. 13 M camera and built in face recognition application. 




Leave Reports

Uncertified Sick Reports

Timesheet Reports

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