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Data Security


Platform Infrastructure

We chose Vultr for high-performance cloud compute instances for hosting. Vultr offers 100% uptime guarantee, 100% Intel and 100% SSD Cloud platform.

  • CPU Performance: High frequency compute guarantee 3+GHz CPUs and take benchmarks to next level.

  • Memory Performance: serve applications demand low latency memory with blazing fast read/ write performance and Skylake cloud compute refresh improves on our already high-performance standards.

  • Datacenter Compliance: SOC 1 Type ll, SOC 2 Type ll, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS.


Application Security Protection

4time+ includes a dedicated rapid response security measure for 24/7 prevention monitoring and reactive response to security alerts and events. We use Datadog, a third-party network security solution to monitor and protect our infrastructure from automated scanners, bots, and targeted attacks. It blocks attacks and alerts in case of critical threats.

Real-time Detection:

  • Remain vigilant with always-on security monitoring that detects attacks at any time.

  • Leverage continuous scanning to identify misconfigurations, as well as suspicious file and process activity, in real time.

  • Detect threats quickly, regardless of the scale of your system, the volume of your data, or the complexity of your rules.

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