HRMSAttend Features

A time and attendance software paired with a fast, accurate, top of the line Face Recognition Attendance Application. 

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Company Admin

Has full access to audit all company data within HRMSAttend. Daily attendance and staffing overview right at your fingertips from any device. Filter data by date or department for full understanding of your organization Time and Attendance. 

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Data Managers

Responsible for processing and maintaining the data collected on daily punch logs; as well as preparing and managing employee attendance for their department. Admin can also set permissions for each data manager. 

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Employees now have access to:

  • Work schedule: daily, weekly, monthly work schedules and shift related notes. 

  • Request Shift: send and track shift requests.

  • Leave: send leave applications, track uncertified sick days and live update on remaining vacation days.  

Employee Manager

A user manager is very essential for synchronizing your list of employees throughout your biometric devices. Can you imagine adding 500 employees each to 3 or 4 different devices? The larger the organization the more workload to get all your employees on each device. Let’s not even talk about removing them from each device.

Add Employees once and Auto-Sync to all devices.

Once you are using our Face Recognition Attendance App, expect to add employees only once. Run the app on as many android devices as you desire, and rest assured all employees added to HRMSAttend Employee Manager will be available across all devices in User list. Saving you time and ensuring data accuracy through all locations available for capturing punch logs throughout your organization.

What if my employees switch branch locations throughout the week?

No worries! HRMSAttendance Face Recognition app, will recognize your staff immediate for successful punch log no matter which branch you switch them to. Our Employee Manager is one centralized location for managing staff on all devices with the HRMSAttendance Face Recognition Attendance App.


If I delete an employee will it remove them from the device?

Absolutely! HRMSAttendance Face Recognition App feeds from HRMSAttend Employee Manager. So, it will only recognize users from its User List. If the user/employee is no longer listed on HRMSAttend then they will no longer be on the user list of all devices with HRMSAttendance Face Recognition Attendance App throughout the organization.


Who can approve Leave Requested?

Company Admin can decide if HR will be the only ones approving Leave requested or if certain Data Managers within the respective departments can approve leave.

Leave Manager

Process Leave Applications, approve and track employee leave from our Leave Manager. HRMSAttend provide employees with the data they need to track their uncertified sick days, vacation days taken and remaining from any device, which means less visits to HR office.


Give your employees an easier, faster, more secure way to request leave. This system allows employees to easily determine their vacation availability (from any point-in-time) and request leave online. Managers leave approval no longer involves trails of paperwork. HRMSAttend ensures that all leave taken and requested are properly monitored, where everybody can apply and view their leave records without the hassle of going through HR Admin staff. Its all at your fingertips anytime from any device.


Monitor and analyze recorded work hours within HRMSAttend. Biometric devices are known to be the most accurate way to record employee punch logs. This is why we took the time to create our very own Face Recognition Attendance Application called HRMSAttendance.

No more outsourcing biometric clocks and then figuring out how to get your data out of it.

HRMSAttendance auto sync captured data punch logs into the Timesheet through face recognition. It works offline and sends the data when back online. The spoofing feature prevents the system from capturing punch logs from photos or videos by only detecting liveness of face. The also great thing about it, is that it is an android app and compatible with all android devices.

Already have Biometric Devices.

HRMSAttend is compatible with may popular Biometric Device brands like ZkTeco, eSSL, BioMax, RealTime, Suprema, Mantra and so much more. Our team is more than happy to assist in verifying the compatibility of your current device to the software. Email us at


How do I get the data to process Payroll?

Most payroll systems allow for csv upload, which HRMSAttend is capable of producing in a simple button click. HRMSAttend offer two types of summary reports for download of employee regular hours, holiday hours, overtime etc. Reports date duration is completely flexible. You decide if you want one day, one week, one month, of 2 years reports downloaded.


Email us at and we can look into the possibility of connecting HRMSAttend to your current payroll system.


Schedule Manager

HRMSAttend offers an effective and easy-to-use solution for producing and managing department schedules. Our Schedule Manager and Timesheet work hand-in-hand to provide impressive attendance reports.

Plan your schedule online in minutes and spend even less time sending them to staff. Manage your shift swaps, off requests and annual leave all in one place. Add and edit shifts as much as you like until you are ready to notify your staff. Single shifts or entire weeks can be copied and pasted saving hours of tedious planning.

Control each data manager permissions and decide who can send created schedules for approval and who can approve schedules. Employees can access their work schedules and shift notes from any device at any time.